The Episcopal Quincy Chinese Center facilitates community services for immigrant populations, and is devoted to serving the needs of the Chinese community.

About EQCC

St. Chrysostom’s 1894 Parish House now provides a home for the Episcopal Quincy Chinese Center, one branch of the Episcopal Boston Chinese Ministry.  This organization is an outreach program of the Diocese of Massachusetts and the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. The lower Parish Hall provides a home for the Uplift After School Program, which offers academic support, community building, and behavioral counseling for 39 Grade School students. 


EQCC is a Christian organization. Our mission, based on the Christian faith, is to love one another, to spread the Gospel, and witness to God. We are dedicated to serving and enriching the community.


The Episcopal Quincy Chinese Center was initially established to facilitate the development of community services in the city of Quincy. We are devoted to serving all needs of the Chinese community, including:

  1. Public awareness of community events – To raise public awareness of community events, such as registering to vote and environmental education, and promoting community development.
  2. Finding the meaning of life – To help each other live an enriched life by finding the truth of life revealed by Christ, through activities such as Bible-study, fellowship, and prayer meetings, seminars, and workshops.
  3. Life enrichment – To orgainze activities that enhance life skills, providing activities and workshops.