The colors were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. In fact the colors alone attracted people from miles around. It all happened last week when a small, colorful bird appeared in Brooklyn. It was a Painted Bunting. According to the local bird club, this little bird was not only out of its normal range (the southern Plains) but also completely out of season (typically migrating to Florida). Yet last week, there he was, delighting bird watchers and locals alike with a rainbow of color at the start of a dreary season. The colors were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 

I felt the same way when I walked into church last week. Our painters had just finished scraping, scrubbing, and painting the walls, ceilings, and chapels at church. The colors were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Maybe the colors alone wouldn’t attract people from miles around - but everyone at St. C’s has been delighted by our fresh rainbow of light & color at the start of winter. 

It’s a message that resonates during Advent. The season of Advent is all about watching and waiting for God’s light and color. It’s a season of anticipation & trust; a season of faith & hope. Advent is about journeying to Bethlehem for the surprising arrival of God’s light in the birth of Christ. The light & the colors of Christmas are always brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 

And yet, unlike the appearance of a colorful bird - or fresh paint - the arrival of Jesus offers more than a delightful splash of color in the midst of a dreary season. Because at the birth of Jesus we discover that God’s light shines in the darkness with the surprising colors of grace and truth. The light of Jesus is overcoming the world’s darkness. The colors of Jesus are filling our lives with divine love. The light & the colors of Jesus always belong together, beckoning us to follow.

I invite you to prayerfully use the enclosed Pledge Card to help us continue forming a community that’s always watching for the powerful light & the colorful love of Jesus. Whether you’re able to give much or little, please join us in pledging. A full 70% of our annual budget is funded by pledging and these cards represent our primary tool for planning a shared life of worship, education, fellowship, and service. Our Financial Stewardship is about building a church that grows to embody the light & the color of Jesus himself. And when that happens, we can be sure that people will look at our church and say:  
Their colors are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

The Rev’d. Eric M. Hillegas

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AuthorEric Hillegas