St. Chrysostom's is proud to announce the Hive Gallery: a space for local artists in Quincy and beyond to display their work. Our aim is to develop a greater appreciation and understanding for the arts in the church, to build connections between our church and the local artistic community, and to offer exposure for individual artists. 

The Hive Gallery will be located in Gill Hall, the parish hall of St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church. Gill Hall is a multifunctional, high-traffic space that also serves the St. C's Job Club, the EQCC Uplift after-school program, and various community groups and gatherings throughout the week. This makes it an ideal place to showcase artwork, since many individuals and groups will interact with the work on a daily basis. 

The Hive will coordinate its gallery openings with regularly scheduled events on the St. C's calendar. The first opening is on Friday October 4, at 6PM, along with a wine tasting led by Alex Murray. Artwork will remain in place through November 22. The gallery manager is actively seeking submissions for this opening.

All practicing artists living in Quincy and greater-Boston are encouraged to submit their portfolios for consideration. Submit your portfolio.

Learn more about the Hive Gallery.  


AuthorKendyll Hillegas