Evie Shore was born in Boston, the first of her family's five children. Evie’s dad was a decorated veteran of WWII. He was missing in action for a period of time and badly wounded in the war. The first years of Evie’s life included several moves to cities around the South Shore. Her father went to college on the GI Bill and became a math teacher at Boston College. As a child, church was a serious commitment for Evie’s family. Evie remembers how her dad always preferred to sit at the front of church, and her mother at the back. Since their family often walked to church together, there were often treats on the way home: ice cream in the summer and donuts in the winter. As an adult, Evie spent a period of time teaching challenged students. Later, she was asked to join Tad Placement Agency and she excelled in her work. Evie set up and managed six agency offices around Boston. She later spent ten years working for the City of Quincy, during which time she became involved in, and continues to enjoy, politics. Evie spent part of her time working at the Quincy Career Center and is now a consultant to the Center. She also does event planning.

Job Club

Evie was first introduced to St. C’s about 15 years ago when her sister was married at the church. She remembers how she loved the building right away, and how it reminded her of churches in old movies set in England. After a few visits, Evie was convinced that St. C’s was the right place for her. She has always loved the style of the building and the worship service. According to Evie, she & St. C’s fit like “coffee and cream.”

Since Evie has been at St. C’s she has been involved in many different ministries, from Sunday School and Family Fun Nights, to fundraising dinners, to serving on the vestry. A little over 2 years ago Evie also started the St. C’s Job Club. She started the Job Club because she saw a need and she was motivated to find a creative solution that fostered hope and healing. Based on her experience with the Quincy Career Center she was sure that she could make it successful. The vestry supported her idea. She says the Job Club has become a success thanks to the support of the people at St. C’s. To date 64 Job Club participants have obtained permanent, full-time employment. Numerous others have obtained part-time jobs.

Evie continues to attend St. C’s as her faith develops and grows. She comes because the people are inviting and she feels at home. As she puts it, “I like it here…It’s the best place for me. I have found that I can grow and think about my faith here. I find this very exciting. I enjoy the talks given here and finding out where others are in their faith journey.”

AuthorEric Hillegas
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