Join us tonight, October 19th at 6pm for a Jazz Concert + Wine Tasting at St.C's! The Ed Broms Jazz Quartet will perform the music of Duke Ellington in new arrangements for jazz combo. To complement the jazz performance, sommelier Alex Murray will be offering wines in a range of styles, from off-dry white to dry and crisp white, and from lighter red to full bodied.  Please join us for a tasting before the performance, and take a glass of your favorite to enjoy with the jazz. About the Concert:

This is the first concert of a new ongoing concert series:  ABCDuke Ellington

Timo Shanko and Ed Broms began working together in 2006 with the wild notion of performing the complete works of John Coltrane.  They did so in a 4 year span (2006-2010) of 40 concerts featuring 400 distinct compositions going chronologically through Coltrane’s recordings.  They followed this up with a series performing the complete compositions of Thelonious Monk in 8 concerts featuring over 80 pieces in 2010.

Shanko and Broms are now launching into their next project exploring the musical compositions of Ellington and Strayhorn as performed/interpreted by a small band, a quartet, supported by some of the areas stellar bassists and drummers.  The concerts will be held on a semi-regular basis at various venues throughout the Boston area including The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, South Shore Conservatory, Hingham.  Although the Ellington/Strayhorn world is too vast for anyone to claim a complete exploration of it, the concert series will cover the majority of their recorded works.

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