Greetings from St. C’s,

I have a reading list that seems to grow longer every year. Too many books, too little time. But it doesn't stop me from trying. As soon as I finish reading one book, I seem to find another three or four. I cannot seem to keep up with my books, but I am getting better at organizing my lists!

We probably all have lists that grow longer and longer as the days, weeks, and months go by. Whether it’s reading books, going to the gym, or even coming to church, it may seem like too many items and too little time. Wherever church happens to be on one of your lists, now’s a great time to jump back in.

Please join us for Homecoming Sunday on September 7th at 10:00 AM. Our annual Homecoming is a festive regathering at church after summer travels and summer schedules. It also marks the kickoff of a new program year. This year we are thrilled to include a special consecration and dedication of our new stained glass windows! After 64 years our final two windows have been installed. They’re gorgeous.

On September 7th we will include a consecration during morning worship as we gather in prayerful thanksgiving with the family of longtime parishioner Isabel Brugge, who passed away last year. Generous donations from Isabel's family have made these windows possible. The family invites everyone to a special luncheon in Gill Hall following our worship, where we will be happy to welcome Mr. Scott McDaniel, Art Director at Stained Glass Resources. Mr. McDaniel designed and fabricated our new windows, having designed several of our existing windows earlier in his career.

You’ll also hear about plenty of opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and service in the coming year. On Sunday, September 14th we celebrate the Feast of our Patron Saint, John Chrysostom, followed by the kickoff of our Christian Education on September 21st. We return to the Long Island Shelter on September 21st to prepare and serve a meal for Boston’s homeless. The Mite Box Thrift Shop re-opens on September 17th, followed by a Yard Sale on September 20th. On September 26th, we look forward to a Baroque Music Recital accompanied by an Art Viewing from the Hive Gallery. And you may have heard that we are going to Consecrate a new Bishop on September 13th at Boston University. We’re entering into a festive season at church - and that’s just the month of September!

If you're new to St. Chrysostom's - Welcome.

If you've been here for many years - We're grateful & excited.

If you've been away for a while - Add us to the top of your list. We’d love to see you again!




The Rev’d. Eric M. Hillegas

AuthorEric Hillegas