Sometimes I stare at the board and I just can’t make any sense of it. It happens when I’m playing Scrabble. Kendyll & I enjoy sitting down for a board game on our day off. We like Scrabble but sometimes the letters just don’t line up; they don’t make any sense. If you’ve ever played the game, you know what I’m talking about. You either have too many consonants, or too many vowels. It can even be tragic if you have all the letters for a great word but there’s nowhere on the board for you to play. When all else fails, I find myself staring at the board and I just can’t make any sense of it. 

There’s something like that about Easter. Because Easter answered a question about Jesus that nobody could figure out. Up until Easter, everyone had been staring at Jesus and wondering how to make any sense of him. Was he a prophet? Was he a teacher? Was he a public revolutionary or a religious reformer? They didn’t know where to line him up. It wasn’t until Easter that Jesus’ followers began to figure him out. 

Here’s what they discovered:  Easter exceeds our greatest hopes and it dispels our greatest fears. Up until Easter, all of the great “hopes” that people had for Jesus were actually too small. Whether they were hoping for a revolutionary or a teacher, they were just lining him up to beat the competition or to help them win a debate. Up until Easter, all of the great “fears” that people had about Jesus were actually too narrow. Whether they were afraid that he would threaten their power or disturb their way of life, they were just protecting creature comforts or trying to save face. Easter upended all of those hopes and fears.

At Easter they realized that following Jesus was about witnessing to God’s love, instead of beating the competition. It was about participating in God’s life, instead of protecting their own lives. At Easter the followers of Jesus were freed to love without limit - even if it meant suffering on a cross. Because thanks to the Resurrection, none of their love or their suffering would ever be wasted or lost. That’s our invitation at Easter too. We’re invited to let the Resurrection overturn our other attempts to make sense of Jesus. We’re invited to see the Resurrection as God’s invitation to love without limit and to share abundant life. We’re invited to let the Resurrection exceed our greatest hopes and dispel our greatest fears. 

Please join us for Holy Week and Easter this year. 
The Rev’d. Eric M. Hillegas

Maundy Thursday, March 24th at 7pm: Foot Washing with Eucharist
Good Friday, March 25th at 6pm: Stations, 7pm: String Quartet, 8pm: Passion Liturgy
Holy Saturday, March 26th at 7pm: Easter Vigil with Baptism
Easter Sunday, March 27th at 10am: Holy Eucharist with Light Lunch

AuthorEric Hillegas