From Church School Director, Omar Reyes: 

I love going to Jiffy Lube. My lovely wife hates that I take our car there because their prices are usually ten dollars more than anywhere else. But I explain that the service is exceptional. I always get out in under thirty minutes. And they vacuum. That's where she gives in.

I use this analogy to say this: we live in a society that is always looking for the best value. And I'm thrilled to say that we have created a lot of value  with our newly implemented Church School program.  

On Sunday mornings we are teaching two classroom modules simultaneously.  The first one is Holy Moly (ages 4-7). This is a program that takes the young children on a journey through the Old Testament using both video and crafts. The older kids are using Re:form (ages 8-12), a system of study  that teaches the Bible through a series of questions: "Who wrote the Bible?"  "Is God male or female?"  It's meant to prepare children to engage their faith critically.

Our Church School teachers were very excited to welcome new students and parents on our first day of the program. In all we had  more than 10 kids in both classes! Last week, on our second Sunday, there were even more! Holy Moly kids learned about Abraham and Sarah, and how even God has a sense of humor. Re:form kids learned how the Bible is true without being rigid.  

I want to assure all of you that we are seeking to provide families with a place where both adults and children are spiritually nourished. We are grateful for this opportunity and we will look forward to sharing about more progress In the coming weeks.  


AuthorEric Hillegas