by: Eric Litman, Ordination Candidate  

St. Paul wrote in his second letter to Timothy that, “All scripture is inspired by God,” some translators prefer, “All scripture is ‘breathed out’ by God.”  This description of the Bible provides both doctrinal and poetic answers to questions about the fundamental nature of Holy Scripture. The Bible came from God, all of it (or so Paul says), and it was “inspired” or “breathed out” right from God’s mouth directly onto the pages of the King James….well, maybe not directly. (There was some paradosis, a bit of canonization and then a little translation!). This fall at St. C’s we are going to pilot a new curriculum from the Massachusetts Bible Society called The Dickinson Series: What is the Bible?  The course will examine the archaeological and cultural origins of the Bible with an emphasis on how the Bible was assembled and organized. The course also examines how different Christian traditions approach Bible study and interpretation and how these differences can affect our understanding of the text itself. I’m excited to dig into this material and I hope you can join us! The course will span six weeks starting this Sunday, September 22 right after the service at 11:30. See you then!   

AuthorEric Hillegas